Delete your Facebook

Over the past year, I have avoided using Facebook. Noticing that Facebook only made me angry, I made a conscious decision to determine if it provided any actual value:


  • could possibly contact extended family
  • wife occasionally asks me to like her articles
  • Cons

  • angry at extended family's political posts
  • angry at friends political posts who I agree with
  • tired of trolling, humble brags, and bullshit
  • never actually use it to communicate with people
  • too much advertisement
  • detracts from my actual media presence
  • no longer generate revenue from Facebook apps for many years now
  • So the pros were mostly hypothetical or inconsequential, and the cons were real and affect my day to day happiness. Finally, when ESL decided to stream their Dota 2 event on Facebook, I had the last straw. So I hit the delete button I had bookmarked in my browser a year ago.

    The problem with any social media platform is you are more valuable to them than the value you provide back to you. So rather than have a social media account why not focus on real communication activity.

    My friends and I have a Slack channel we sit in all day long. We have a discord server we use to have virtual drinks over. We all have at least a half dozen teleconference apps installed on our various devices. As I am about to leave the United States tomorrow for a job in Europe, IRC starts to sound like the real social media platform.